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The Russian-Lithuanian band Drift presents its new long-play Commotion. The album comprises three re-mastered tracks from earlier releases, six new songs and an instrumental.

This is their first release recorded by the new lineup, including two vocalists – Irena Wiszniewska and Denis Kugay. Other musicians taking part in the recording were: Pavel Vinitsky and Yegor Moskal – guitars; Vlad Plotnikov – trumpet; Yuri Strekalovsky – bass; Boris Nikitin – programming and mixing; and Alexander Boyarkov – keyboards, guitars, programming and mixing. All lyrics to the songs were written by Denis Kugay and Alexander Boyarkov.

The band worked for over a year in their studio, recording and mixing this album. Electronic pieces were programmed, vocal tracks and live instruments were recorded, and all that was followed by scrupulous editing and mixing. This resulted in an emotionally charged and diverse release, with the expressive singing by Denis alternated by the melodic and quiet tracks with Irena’s vocals, and the crispy electronica is interlaced by the passionate trumpet and guitars.

The album is coming out as a digital release available in the largest Internet shops for media content, as well as on a disk. If you find you like this album, you can return your thanks buying it at


released March 18, 2013



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Drift город Псков, Russian Federation

Drift is a Pskov-based electronic studio project, founded in 2005 by Alexander Boyarkov. The style of the project has been evolving, though its primary fields remain to be downtempo and electronic. The project is characterized through multilayer sonic design and thoroughly crafted composition.
From the date of foundation and on, one LP, a few singles, an EP and some remixes were released.
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Track Name: Leave
Husky gusts in the dusk as the nightfall burrows
With its tusks, it leaves you ashiver to wallow in this hollow
Of a hometown, all so rundown; I pull the laces
On your nightgown, by gods we’re young
It’s so much fun; it’s still no crime to fly
Soar high, whatever Moon abides, we’d try
And see just where that gets us – and if it gets us somewhere
Where it’s right, let’s have one ride
And if we like, we’ll go again, we’ll fling the land
Go brushing by beneath us – that’s how I see us

The winds will bite with drizzle swirls
The warmth will shy away and clouds will whirl
But we’d still fly, ‘cause that’s what’s right
Since you’re the one, since you’re the girl
That’s meant to stay
And gods – they may
Leave for good

Forsaken in the outskirts, still shaking
Through the bites of the cold, a trip worth making
We’re by the lake now; I’d like to take you
For a swim, it’s not a whim, don’t be so grim
You’re slim but strong, there’s nothing wrong with us
Alas, the stars knew better than twinkling at us
And here we are: no noise of cars,
No city spasms, off with the brass
Of nightly rants, and sudden screams
Which pierce the cream of the morning sky that lies with us tonight
Track Name: Your Every Word
On the outside of you
Trickling with all the lure
I am falling
Snow is falling

It all is coming to an end
We are coming to an end
Simply knowing
Is appalling

If you were but a dream
I’d live

Could your lies be foreseen
I’d keep

Your every word

Snow will blow away
But the cold will stay
Stepping in your every footstep

White frost on the glass
This will never pass
I’ll remember, see it’s well-kept

Your every word
Track Name: Stay
Why so much shame and fear in simple words?
The cracks aren’t cracks, should we decide to call them fjords
There’s simply no way for this getting any worse
I feel used up, and that’s because…

These boxes pull the tissues of my heart apart
And is there any way that you could heal a broken heart?
It pains me seeing you ever so far away
What harm could it all do, if you just stayed?

Why hanging up before I say important stuff?
Is leaving me through your eyes not enough?
How could I ever get this all so wrong?
That all the truth there is you’re gone

I pray
And I never pray
But beg don’t leave today
Track Name: White Lines
Do we have to wait till our love is gone?
Do we have to wait till our lives will change?
All our love's like a crooked street
It always ends up very strange.
There's only past that left no trace
There's only pain you feel so deep
There is the feeling of your empty space
Dream is sinking away like a ship
And our white lines
Do not create a cross
And our strange lives
Leave nothing but remorse...
Put on your clothes, get out of your house
Make up your mind and live up to your dream
Follow the silence and follow the stars
These strange collisions blaze deep in the steam
Track Name: The Art Of Looking
Why have we gone this far?
You’re not claiming I’m not lame again.
Let’s leave the door ajar;
Who knows if we know it’s gonna rain. No.

Sway to the lashing of the waves,
This water isn’t deep at all.
Wade in some more and feel it swathe
You even tighter, hear it call.

Why do I waste your time?
You keep smiling, my words filing out.
Let’s say it all in chime:
We are what we were, there’s no doubt. Go.

Sway to the lashing of the waves,
This water isn’t deep at all.
Wade in some more and feel it swathe
You even tighter, hear it call, the undertow.
This season’s greetings are so loud,
Postcards fly homes, leaves wither dead.
Just one more heave and this whole town
Knows just the way it’s gonna end. We shall not bend.

It’s wrapping us, now can you feel it too?
The blood – I can feel it turn cool.
The lips – I can tell they are hot.
We’re here meant to hear all sounds stop.
Track Name: Like a Wolf
Try to hear it like a wolf
Try to feel it like a snake
Try to see it, like an owl
Splashing as fish in the lake
Try to stand still as a stone
Try to leak out as the sand
Try to last long as a bone
And be all that in the end

You know
Your voice
Will make a miracle,
I want to have that choice
Just to hear you

Try to see it way through time
Try to feel it on my skin
Try to hear it in my breath
Try to go along and spin
my heart beats with thy steps
Coffee keeping me alive
I feel that the earth revolves
As my life goes by...
Track Name: Immobile
This stasis I don’t comprehend
You flicker on the border somewhat
I’m reaching out to make it end
You smile and bring me to a halt

I wish it lasted all day through
I wish we stayed this immobile
I’m watching you in your light blue
I think I could stay through the night

So here I am
But better yet is here you are
You are my shepherd, I’m your lamb
That goes OK by me so far
Sunlight seeps through the curtains drawn
Our lives today are in no rush
There will fall dusk, there’ll be a dawn
Let’s skip the rest – hush

I wish it lasted all day through
I wish we stayed this immobile
I’m watching you in your light blue
I think I could stay through my life